Required hardware and software for FreeDOS bug patching

The following is a list of hardware and softare components that we would need in order to have feedback for patching current FreeDOS bugs.
If you have any of these, please contact the corresponding maintainer, reporting wether you can reproduce the bug.
For those marked as downloadable, it may be interesting if you are acquainted to use them.

Bug number Component Required hardware or software
423 KERNEL Quicken 6.0 (for DOS, Linux/DOSEMU)
994 KERNEL RIFS (downloadable)
998 FORMAT HD >4GB to be formatted FAT32 and tested
1076 FreeCOM PowerBasic 3.5 for DOS
1658 SYS Ghost 5.1d
1674 KERNEL Lemmings: the chronicles
1735 EMM386 Sophos (downloadable)
1740 FDISK Maxtor (ATA) 800 mb drive, or a Quantum (ATA) 160 mb drive
1753 KERNEL NetWare 16-bit Client (VLM)
1768 KERNEL QuickBASIC 4.5 (QB 4.5) or VBDOS (BASIC PDS 7.1.)
1769 Distribution Command and Conquer: Red Alert
1799,1793 KERNEL DJGPP and RHIDE (downloadable)
1789 KERNEL PKZIP (downloadable?)
1791 EMM386 Virtual PC emulator
1797 KERNEL Ontrack disk manager
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